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Vaastu Tips

Ques. What is Vaastu Shastra ?

Ans . Vaastu Shastra is the vedic system of Architecture & Design. Vaastu Vidyaa is one of the sixty -four identified ancient Indian Arts. Vasastu Shastra was given by the sages for betterment and welfare of society. It is believed that affliction of vaastu creates sorrows and disappointments. Vaastu Shastra i.e. science or "shastra" of structures, tells us how to build a house or office for greater happiness and prosperity. Houses, Villages, towns and cities should be desiggned to the principles of vaastu.

Ques. What are the basic principles of Vaastu Shastra ?

Ans. The basic principles of Vaastu are Vaastu Purush Mandala i.e. a man lying with his head -pointing  North -East, in a grid of  64 squares dedicated to difference gods . It is believed that the world comprises of five basic and essential elements known as SPACE, AIR, FIRE, WATER & EARTH.

Ques. Vaastu application while renovating a home?

 Ans. Renovation your home is a great way to improve its appearance and make it a more enjoyable place. Home renovation becomes essential when you have stayed in your existing home for a number of years. Apart from the normal maintenance needs, you might have moved up in your career and even the size of your family might have increased. Its natural for most of us to start off in life with a small home due to financial restrictions but gradually your finances improve and there comes a time when you start feeling that you need to renovate your home in keeping with your improved social status. Before deciding in favor of home renovation, you should consider whether the investment that you will make in home renovation will bring a peace of mind and more prosperity to you and your family. Important points to be considered while following Vaastu shastra for Home :-
• Location of Entrance
• Location of prayer zone
• Surrounding of entrance
• Shape of House
• Location of Mater Bed room, Children room, Guest room
• Location of kitchen and internal arrangement
• Location of Electronic gadgets like computer, T V, Heaters etc
• Direction of toilets
• Colours for interior
• Direction of lower/higher zone
• Internal arrangement of Each room
• Location of staricase in case of independent home
• Energizing a home for peace and prosperity

Ques. Vaastu application for New Home?

Ans. Surroundings can have a huge impact on your life – to the point of affecting your personal happiness, your prosperity, even the opportunities that come to you in your life — thus making your choice of home a very important one. Because most of the important moments in our lives occur in our houses, the house itself becomes more than just four walls where we eat and sleep. That’s why careful consideration is called for if you are thinking about purchasing a home . Buying a new house is a big decision & hence it should bring happiness to your life. There are the types of considerations that are taken into account when you want to assess the vaastu of a home. Entrance to the home, bathrooms, bed room placement, kitchen arrangements, windows as well as the shape of the house is very much important.

Ques. Vaastu application for Mall /Shopping Complex?

Ans. Great number of buyer can be attracted to the shopping mall with the Vaastu Shastra. Even Shopping mall can become more famous if it has a vaastu design important points to be considered while following Vaastu shastra for Mall :
• Plot Location
• Surrounding road
• Parking Zone
• Location of Main gate
• Location of Mall entrance
• Shape of the mall
• Location of Electronic gadgets like transformer, DG Sets
• Direction of toilets
• Colours for interior and exterior
• Direction of lower/higher zone
• Internal arrangement of Each Shop
• Location of staircase
• Location for each activities like food zone, entertainment zone, shopping zone etc.

Ques. Vaastu application for Hospital/Clinics?

Ans. Make your hospital or clinic more popular & famous for good services hospital becomes more popular for its valued services with proper designing as per vaastu. Important points to be considered while following Vaastu shastra for Hospital/Clinic :-
• Location of Hospital
• Surrounding zone
• Location of Medical director room, doctors room
• Arrangement of Beds
• Hospital canteen
• Location of main door
• Location of Operation theatre
• Shape of the hospital
• Location of Electronic gadgets like transformer, DG Sets
• Direction of toilets
• Colours for interior and exterior
• Direction of lower/higher zone
• Internal arrangement of Each room
• Location of staircase
• Visitor area

Ques. Vaastu for Shop or Showroom?

Ans.    Today’s competitive retail market demands an effective, inviting store design that brings huge traffic for the shop. Harmonious shop design will give more business to the shop & this can be easily made with application of Vaastu Shastra. Here sales staff will be more energetic and will give a good performance. Implementing vaastu design successfully will attract more buyers for your shop
Important points to be considered while following Vaastu shastra for Shop :-
• Shape of the shop or showroom
• Main Entrance of the shop
• Location of the owner chair
• Cashier Place
• Place of the safe
• Direction of the Owner/Staff
• Direction of the Goods in stock
• Direction of Display
• Colours for interior & exterior of the shop
• Direction of the AC, Electrical mains, Coolers etc
• Direction of Pantry
• Placement of Toilet
• Direction of windows
• Location of Higherzone/lower zone
• Placement of loft/staircase


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